Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A look in the Lodz Art Center

Just before my departure from Rotterdam I got this message from Ludmila Mielczarek, project coordinator  from the Foto Festiwal Lodz...

Dear Rob,

Yesterday we got the news that we WILL HAVE EMPTY space here in LODZ ART CENTER. It is big space, very industrial, please visit us I'll show it to you. 

So of course - this is good news! - we went directly after my arrival to the Lodz Art Center to meet. 'We' means Maciek, Monika and me.
Well everybody in a good mood. Ludmila shows us around and we made the appointment to dream and to come with concrete plans next week.
A big responsibility is on our shoulders now. The space is huge and fantastic. What you call a challenge...

I will show some pictures from this event.

Ludmila showing us around.

Maciek making fun of me...

removed on request

Monika also in a good mood... 

Ludmila showing the exhibition space

Enjoying the industrial atmosphere in the Art Center.

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